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Top 3 Summer Marketing Tips

Summer is upon us! Here in Texas, we're already up in the triple digit heat. With the heat moving in, vacations are on the rise. Instead of allowing your brand to take a break during the summer time, your company should embrace the heat and enhance your summer marketing campaign!

Below I go into more detail on how to revamp your summer marketing campaign in 2018:

Social Media

Social Media is a great way to market your company. So why slow it down during the summer time? By pulling on your creative strings, there are endless ways to effectively use social media during the summer time. Start off by taking some photos outside. Highlight products in images with cute "beachy" vibes. Not only will your social media platforms stay active and engaging, but they will also keep your followers excited about what you want to post next!


People LOVE videos. Not only are they visually pleasing, but they are also a great way to learn/spread information. The tricky part about making videos is keeping them short and sweet while also packing them with information about your company. The point of a video from a business standpoint is to entertain the viewer and encourage them to come check out your products/services. 

With summer coming up, your company has a great opportunity to make a promotional video. Use the great weather to your advantage and show customers having fun with your brand. This type of exposure will definitely help increase traffic in your stores!

Promotional Products

There are millions of promotional products to choose from especially one's that are geared towards summertime. Now, I could go through and attempt to list them all, but no one want's to read that! Instead, I will highlight one summer product in this blog. 

The Dry Bag. A dry bag is a perfect summer promotional product because it can be used ANYWHERE! Going to the beach? Take all your items in a dry bag to keep them dry and free of sand. Going to the lake? Take your dry bag. Time for a fun park day with a picnic? Take your Dry Bag! Not only is this product really useful for your customers, but it is also a product that they will take with them everywhere. It's almost like they will do your marketing/advertisement for you!

Overall, summer is a great time to enhance your marketing campaign and get ahead of your competitors while they're on vacation!

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