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How to Spice Up Your Posts

Posting on social media can be as simple as writing an update on behalf of your business or company but adding more to that post can help make it stand out on your customers' feed. With so many new useful media tools available now, your social media strategy can become something that makes people notice.

Images Like the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words", so why would you have a caption heavy post when the picture can help you do some of the work of getting noticed? A short and simple caption can help support the image, but adding long lines of text will often only leave viewers to skim the image and scroll through the rest of their feed. You want the connection to what you're typing and the image.

Videos Videos are also a great way to get your audience's attention. Whether it's a 3 minute video that describes something in your company or a Boomerang (4-second loop video) to catch a fun glimpse. This can be tremendously useful especially if it…
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How to Gain Momentum Online

The hardest part about expanding your business online is getting noticed among the rest of your competitors in the industry. Getting the same type of clientele on social media platforms can take a while to build, especially if you have no idea where to start. Here are a few tips on how to make your business come alive online.

Google My Business Once you already have a website assigned and have it up and running, you want to make sure your presence on Google is accurate and up to date. It has been reported that 97% of people searched online to find a local business. I don't know about you but I know if I'm curious about a business the first thing I do is Google it. Creating a Google My Business page helps users find you with ease and get a glimpse of just what your business entails. Approximately 56% of local stores have yet to claim their local listing on Google. Don't be apart of this 56% and make your own Google page, It's free and controlling how your business is vi…

When Should I Post This?

As it has been well noted throughout the years, social media has become such a driving force for just about anything from business, news, entertainment, to sales, etc,. Therefore, posting on social media can be a big deal when you are trying to reach your audience or expand on getting your posts shared. Believe it or not, certain times to post are better than others. This blog will hopefully help you with your online presence and getting more engagement from your posts.

Not all platforms of social media will be successful if your content is posted at the same time. In fact, it can cause the opposite, not all users are on those platforms at the same time and even prefer some over others during certain times of the day. Each social media platform you have has more users during particular hours of the day that in turn could enable you to receive more impressions (or the number of times your content is displayed).

Like Instagramfor example, some of the best times to post an image in ord…