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Four ways to getting more Followers!

A marketing campaign is only effective if it has an audience.  When utilizing social media the number of followers of your campaign is a quantifiable measure of its reach.  Increasing the reach of a campaign can be accomplished by increasing the number of followers, which is an increase in the traffic viewing your message.

There are four simple ways to get the traffic an effective branding campaign requires:
1.) Use Hashtags
Hashtags are fun ways to connect you to followers.  Add quirky hashtags under your message to relate with a specific them, event or message.  The right hashtag will attract the right followers.
2.) There's an App for that!
Like many other problems solved by a handy app, there are apps for adding followers on social media platforms. Check out your app store and search for “Get More Followers.”
3.) Pay for Followers
If you want immediate followers, you can pay for them.  There are payment options and offers on each platform.  Find the best deal, and get the most for yo…
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What's trending in Sales?

Keeping up with today's trends isn't very hard to do, if you get the right feedback from a sales team.  The top products that are showing an increase in use in demand are listed as follows.
 The use of tech industry tools are a big hit, but one particular product that is seen taking off in sales are LED mobile lights. Experienced sales account executive, Jake Starr, mentions that these items have a growing and evolving presence in both price and direction, and with a high quality and low price range this product creates a rush in bulk demand.

 Another item high in demand and just in time for the holidays, are fishing and hunting apparel. Terry Beck, YNIS sales expert,  predicts this particular item to be at the top of his buyers lists. After all it is hunting season.

More and more customers are looking to get their hands on power banks. This mobile charger tool is a must-have for the everyday techie.

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The How to on: Creating a Customer

How does one create customers?

A customer is defined as a person or organization that purchases goods or services from a store or business.  You have a great product or service, but unless you create a demand for that product you won’t have customers.  Communicating the positives of your product, in turn creating demand, is what an effective branding campaign will accomplish.  Branding campaigns encourage your audience to purchase your product or service.   An effective branding campaign consists not just of a compelling message and/or product, but it also must be delivered in an effective manner.  Identifying who your target audience is, and what message and delivery method would be most appealing and effective to them are important aspects of the campaign.  Promotional products provide a platform to convey your message, whether it be printed on the front of a Bluetooth Speaker or emblazoned on a pen.  Identifying the most effective means in which to convey your message is how an ex…