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Essential Items For Your Next Event

Summer is just around the corner. It is about that time when planning takes place for any upcoming festivals, outdoor events, fundraisers and more! Plan with ease by making sure you include these items at your next event. By: Stephanie Lopez Spread Cheer, Not Germs More than ever, everyone has become extra cautious about spreading germs. Make sure your guests at your event have hand sanitizer readily available to them. A great way to ensure people are constantly reminded to sanitize their hands is by having several hand sanitizing stations around. Since they are battery operated, there is no hassle in trying to hide any wires and they can be displayed just about anywhere. The hand sanitizing station is also automatic, so with a wave of your hand, you can dispense hand sanitizer. The best part is that it is reusable! Even after your event you will get so much use out of this item. Check out more details on this Hand sanitizer station. Say Chee
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Spring Into Action

  By: Stephanie Lopez     Spring is here and it is time to adjust to warmer days. The switch from the cold blue tinted atmosphere can sometimes drag on for a little too long. Day light savings time has begun and it's time to make use of that extra hour of daylight. Room to Grow      The spring is prime time when trying to develop your green thumb. Ensuring you have all the right materials is crucial when starting your planting journey. You can't go wrong with gardening essentials like these gloves that can help you tidy up your garden of weeds or when pulling out produce. Not that advanced yet? Start with something small like some of these indoor plants! These are perfect to have at the office or in your kitchen. (Its magnetic and suction cup backing can stick almost anywhere!) Grow your own herbs like parsley, cilantro, dill, basil, mint and so many others! This ceramic planter set goes perfect with any decor! Whether it's on or by your desk, in your bedroom or in your liv

Voice Marketing

     Voice marketing has been steadily growing popular over the years. Consumers are constantly engaging with new brands, products, and businesses through other forms of media besides your typical social media platforms. Since the start of the nationwide lockdown in March of 2020, there has been a growth in the number of podcasts available online. So, we are going to dive into how podcasts can positively impact your business as well as a new app that has been making its way up the charts in the app store. By: Stephanie Lopez       Podcasts are a great way to engage with your customers on another level. Some people may not always have the time to browse through social media. That is when podcasts become appealing as it allows the user to play the podcast while they are going about their day. A podcast can be a great way for your customers to get further insight on who your company is. 1 in 3 people listen to podcasts and on average, people spend about 6 hours and 45 minutes a week lis