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Your Go-To Travel Essentials This Spring

As the year has progressed and trips have been booked, spring vacations are right around the corner! I don't know about anyone else, but I am so excited to have a getaway to de-stress for a little while. I'm going to share with you some of my travel essentials I take on trips.

What's in my carry-on? A few things I like to bring in my carry-on bag are small items that I can fit in a backpack or tote. A must for me is a reusable water bottle. Water bottles at the airport can get expensive and so as long as it's empty before walking through security, you can fill it up after and stay hydrated for however long of a flight you have! The airport is typically full of thousands of people, which means more ways for germs to have an impact on your health. No one likes being sick on trips, so having a hand sanitizer nearby can make all the difference. My last carry on essential is my preferred thing to have with me especially when I have a long flight ahead of me. A comfortable n…
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Maintaining a Customer

A business can be proficient at many things, but customers are essential in the success of any company. A previous blog post explained about how to create a customer; it's also important that you know how to maintain and grow that customer relationship.

    Once you have established a customer relationship, an effective way to ensure your customer is content is by following up with them once they have purchased from you (whether it was a product or service you offered.) The means of communication with the best response rate would be through a follow up phone call to see how the customer is doing and if they enjoyed the product or service experience. Another way to communicate about customer satisfaction would be via email, however, the response rate may not be as ideal as with a phone call.

    This can go one of two ways. Either your customer is completely satisfied and plans to return or your customer isn't 100% happy with their experience and questions whether they plan to …

How to Take Better Pictures

Grabbing someone's attention online can be as easy as posting a picture. Whether that picture is eye catching because it is a great photo or a bad one can all be dependent on how that picture was taken. A great photo doesn't always entail you to going out and buying a $300+ camera, a device you use on the daily such as your mobile phone can do the trick with the right help! Taking a photo may seem like the simplest thing to do with just a push of a button, but it can involve so much more than that. A good quality photo is tailored around the accessories, lighting, background and angles used.

It's all about the accessories! Using additional tools such as phone camera accessories can really take your photo from being good to great. Items like camera lenses or tripods can help give your photos extra flair and consistency. There are numerous different lenses to temporarily attach to your phone that can come at an affordable price. Check out these lenses that cost less than $10…