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How to Reconnect When Reopening

As we go into this transition period of re-opening some parts of the state, it can be a time where we need to adapt to guidelines we weren't accustomed to before. Reconnecting to usual business practices impacts so much more these days as we all continue to stay safe.

First and foremost, let your loyal customers know that you have re-opened and what guidelines you now have in place. Depending on your kind of business, sending clients an email to advise you are now providing service is a great way to notify them.
Another great resource to use is social media. Posting online that your game plan is to reopen will leave customers anticipating their return. If for any reason a client cannot find information they are looking for via your website, most customers turn to social media pages to find what they're looking for. Be sure to advise customers of your new (if applicable) business hours and what safety guidelines they are required to follow when coming back. Posting on social medi…
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Staying in Touch With Clients

It's during times like these that maintaining communication with people is so crucial. Letting your clients know that you are there for them or checking in on them can let them know that you care about maintaining your relationship.

Send them an update via email Getting a response back from clients can sometimes depend on what they have going on so make sure your subject line is interesting and eye catching. While this is the easiest way to reach out to your clients, it may not always yield an immediate response. Still, any effort to show you want to be there for your customer is essential in keeping that connection.

Give them a call If you're able to reach your client over the phone, this could be a great time to build that relationship further. This is an opportunity to really get to know your client on more than just a business level. Sometimes a phone call can brighten someone's day and what better time to check in than now.

Video has entered the chat Depending on what…

How To Work From Home Efficiently

With everything going on, a lot of companies and businesses are having employees work from home. If you aren't accustomed to working at home, it can be a challenge to keep yourself on a schedule and setting boundaries between work life and home life.

Here are a few tips to help you get your work done even if it's not at the office.

Set the Scene At the office, everyone has their own designated area. So why should working at home be any different? Making your own workspace is pivotal in being productive. So, make sure to have your set-up in an area where distractions are limited, and you have enough room to not feel crowded. If you have the opportunity to set-up your work space near a window, that's one thing I would highly recommend.

Stick to a routine Just like work, you have a routine to get up and get ready for work every morning. When working from home, I would encourage you to do what you normally would. Wake up, get ready, make your morning coffee and get started on …