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Promoting Health In the Workplace

   Keeping the team productive at the office can sometimes feel like a stretch after a long year. But by promoting healthy habits among your team members, it can significantly improve overall moods and behaviors in the workplace. By: Stephanie Lopez      One of the main things companies are focusing on when it comes to their employees is their mental well-being. According to a 2021survey by the American Psychological Association , 79% of employees had experienced work-related stress amid the pandemic, including loss of interest, motivation, or energy, and lack of effort at work. Part of promoting health in the workplace includes offering mental health support. Whether that entails offering programs that encourage seeking virtual therapy sessions or providing mandatory days off to rejuvenate.       Encouraging health conscious eating can be challenging when spending 40+ hours a week at a desk. A great way to support employees in their health goals is by providing healthy snacks in the b
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Think PINK with these 5 products

  By: Stephanie Lopez Show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness in October with products that will make a statement. "Think Pink" items don't always have to be your typical writing instrument or enamel pin. Check out these neat items you can feature throughout your business this October. 1. Awareness Ribbon Umbrella One of our favorite products that make you say "Wow!", are these color-changing umbrellas. When approached with water, small ribbons appear throughout the umbrella right before your eyes! Whether or not your weatherman says there is a chance for rain in October, this year-round staple will intrigue people at an instant. 2. Ribbon Grocery Tote It's all in the details! Your typical tote bags are great to feature your logo in support of a cause, but this tote speaks for itself. Although you may not find your company hosting a "walk-for-a-cure" event, you can still give these out to clients or employees to represent your values as a com

Beat The Heat!

It's time to ditch those jackets and bring out the shades! Now that we have more hours to enjoy the sunshine, it also means there are more hours to beat the heat. By: Stephanie Lopez The #1 takeaway to prepare for the spring and summer time is to always wear sunscreen ! It should not only be associated with the beach or at the pool but anytime you spend long periods of time outdoors in the sun. A great way to ensure you never go without it is by always carrying a travel size with you. There are pocket sized bottles that can fit in your pocket or purse, or better yet a sunscreen keychain that can easily attach to your keys or bag.  The sun is no joke! Avoid getting overheated with a cooling towel on hand. On its own it can take off the sweat but add water to your towel and it will keep you cool long after the sweat is gone! The great thing is they come in several different sizes and colors so there's something for everyone. Another great way to stay cool is with a portable fan