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Why CRM Is Important

 Whether you're a big company or a small business, the way you utilize your customer relationship management can determine your path to new business growth. Customer  relationship management or CRM is the business strategy used to improve customer service and relationships.  By: Stephanie Lopez 1. Keep in constant communication.  Touch base with your clients on a weekly or monthly basis by sending a follow up email with new information they can benefit from. A lot of times, we interact with a client via email for so long before we ever actually get to meet them. While it does take some extra time from your work schedule, giving your clients a call can further the already established relationship with your client. However, you will need to gauge how often to reach out to your customers, so you do not hinder the relationship by becoming another spam email or call they choose to avoid. 2. Send out surveys. This can help tremendously by not only knowing what is working for your client
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2021 Holiday Gift Guide

It's that time of the season. We're excited for all the future food we want to indulge in, but we have the pressure of gift purchases left to make. Let us help you generate gift ideas for the holiday season! By: Stephanie Lopez Leave it to Leisure Since last year, the want for ultimate comfort became so common that wearing leisure items were also acceptable when going outdoors. Engaging in self-care and ultimate comfort has been encouraged recently since working from home became the norm. People love receiving items they can use when they want to unwind. Items like blankets or robes are timeless. They are always needed and always used! Take it to a new level by gifting a blanket hoodie that can be lounged in during the winter months whether it's indoors or at the next sporting event. Gifting some wine tumblers or whiskey glasses with a meat and cheese board from Maple Ridge Farms is also a nice gift for people to enjoy during the holiday months. Trending in Tech Year after

Quality Over Quantity

In the world of interactive marketing it's extremely important to remember that the product that you print your name or logo on represents your organization. We get so caught up in finding products that are cost effective that sometimes we forget about the lasting effect it will have in your customers' hands. By: Stephanie Lopez Finding the best products for some may mean finding the products that will give you the most bang for your buck. Ordering a cheaper item may not always be the best value when the utility of the product is also considered. Let's look at a shirt example in terms of price, material, and longevity. Shirt A costs $15.00 - It is made of unfiltered polyester and the material feels comfortable. - Because it is made with cheaper materials, the shirt has a 10% shrinkage rate after being washed and dried. - On average, the consumer may keep this shirt but may not wear it often. Shirt B costs $23.00 - It is made with filtered heirloom cotton and feels very