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What is the Point of Social Media?

Social Media is arguably one of the best ways to reach millennials today. With millenials moving into adulthood, it is really important to market to them as a business! Not only are they bringing in new business, but they are also really excited to spend money!
So why don't more businesses have a strong social media presence? 
If you know your company isn't properly utilizing social media then I hope to inform you on all the benefits you can get from social media by the end of this blog.


Okay, first things first. Social media is FREE! So why not get some platforms for your business? It won't even cost you a penny! There is honestly no harm in signing your company up for a Facebook business page. Not only is this a great way to build relationships with your customer base, but it is also FREE marketing! What could possibly be better than FREE marketing?!


As many business people already know, networking is super important! With technology becoming more advanced than before, networking is moving online. While in person networking will always be the best way to network, it may not always be the most efficient! By utilizing social media, you and your company can easily navigate the world of networking from your office (or even your couch!)


Building relationships with people is one of the best ways to create long term customers. So why not expand your customer base through social media? Not only will you be growing your social media platform, but you will also be reaching your customers on a more personal level. By providing continuous updates about your company through your social media, your customers will be more likely to recall who you are and what your company offers.

Social Media may seem like an unnecessary marketing tool for your business, but it truly is very important especially as we continue to rely more and more on technology as a whole.

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