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5 Reasons Why Promotional Products Work

Did you know that 88% of promotional product recipients remember the name of the advertiser on the products? Promotional Products are the best way to increase brand recognition!

Last week was Promotional Products Work Week. We have dedicated an entire week to celebrating promotional products because they actually work! Not only do promotional products get your company's logo in the hands of your consumer, but they also provide practical uses for many of your consumers. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why promotional products work:

1. Useful

Promotional products are one of the only forms of advertising that creates a way for the consumer to actually interact with a brand. By providing this unique form of interaction, your brand is much more likely to be remembered. For example, if you were given a really cool pen that you really liked, you would be more likely to use this pen everyday. This would then result with you using the pen constantly and probably also talking to your friends about your cool pen. By adding a logo to this pen businesses create a new form of interaction with their customers. As a result, people will be much more likely to remember your business!

2. Customizable

Without customization, we would never be able to set ourselves apart from anything else! You may want to give out pens to your customers, but what's the point if your company's logo isn't emblazoned on it? Promotional products offer a perfect way to customize within your company. By offering a way to add your logo to virtually anything, your company will be growing in no time!

3. Brand Awareness

As mentioned in number 1, useful products get people talking. But that's not the only form of brand awareness promotional products offer. 8 in 10 people were more likely to pass along a promotional product to someone else rather than throw it in the trash according to PPAI. This is marketing done for you!

4. Fun

Be honest. Getting free stuff is fun! Everyone enjoys getting a free swag bag or a free t-shirt, therefore as a business you should want to put your logo all over the items everyone is wanting! This helps consumers associate their happy/excited feeling of getting promotional products with your company. Who wouldn't want that?

5. Low Cost

Many of us know that marketing can get quite expensive. However, promotional products are always really low cost considering the amount of brand awareness you can generate from them! Buying in bulk can also help lower your overall cost as well. So not only will you have more stuff for a better price, but you will also have more opportunities to get your brand noticed! Promotional products are a great way to fill your marketing needs without the cost of a full marketing campaign. 

Promotional products have been ranked as the #1 most effective form of advertising across ALL generations! So what are you waiting for? Get promotional products for your business today!

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