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How to be a Successful Salesperson

Salespeople are arguably the foundation of many great businesses. Without talented, outgoing, positive people reaching out to new clients for us, we would find ourselves in a lull during business days! 

So what are some key aspects of being a successful sales person?
I had the pleasure of interviewing one of YNIS best, Georgie Wiebe. Georgie is not only a successful salesperson but she is also an extreme NASCAR and cat enthusiast!

Georgie started out at YNIS as the Front Desk and Admin Assistant and then moved to a Production Manager and then later the Owners Assistant. Because of her strong foundation within the company, she was able to continue and enhance the relationships with many of the clients when her boss retired. Georgie is now an Inside Sales Manager at YNIS and loves her work.

What words come to mind when you think of yourself as a sales person?

  • Achiever
  • Projects
  • Deadlines
  • Multitasker
  • Follow-ups 

Explain the typical steps you take within the sales process?

"First is learning about your customer and what they do and what type of items they are looking for. If they already know what they want, that's even better! Checking for deadlines, quoting items, confirming details, logo guidelines, collecting vector art, discussing payment, getting approvals (not necessarily in that order) are some of the next questions that have to be asked/done before and order can even be placed!"

What core values should every sales person possess?

"Consistency seems to be the biggest one. Build relationships with your clients, don't make it about business 100% of the time. Strive for constant improvement and self-growth."

What is your approach to handling customer objections?

"I try to make sure that I give the customer as much information as possible up front. However, there are times when something comes up that wasn't discussed, so I make sure I respond with a professional explanation for why 'it went the way it did'. I'm always willing to work with my customers if something about an order is questioned."

What do you think will be the next big change in the promotional products industry?

"I think more factories are going to continue focusing on how to improve full color imprints and eventually that will become the norm for promotional products. I also think the technology items will continue to grow in popularity and variety throughout the next few years."

Not only is Georgie an irreplaceable member of the YNIS team, but she has also been a part of the Facilis Achievers Club 2017 for sales exceeding $750,000 AND she had her first $100,000 month this past April!  

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