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5 Ways to Stay Organized at Work

Many of us have a lot going on at work. Finding a way to juggle everything at once can become really challenging. In my opinion, the best way to overcome disorganization is with time management.
Personally, I try to incorporate these 5 things into my everyday life to stay organized at work.

1. Positivity

Starting off each day with a positive attitude is the first step towards a more organized work day. Instead of thinking "I have to go to work today" try "I get to go to work today". Putting yourself in a good mood will help to motivate you throughout the rest of the day!

2. Plan Ahead

Monday's and Friday's are great for planning ahead. Every Friday, I go through and make a list of everything I need/want to get done. Then, every Monday, I go through this list and set goals for myself for the rest of the week based off the list I made on Friday. These blogs are a great example of planning ahead! The Friday before I post, I write down that I need to do a new blog. When I come back on Monday, I set the goal: Finish blog and publish by Tuesday. 

3. Utilize a Planner

Building off of step 2, a planner can be really helpful and rewarding when you use it to plan ahead. Use the notes section in your planner as a To-Do List and on Monday's (when you set your goals for the week) pull from the To-Do List and specifically mark what you want to work on each day. Then as you complete tasks you can use check marks or stickers to mark off everything you finished!

You can also encourage your co-workers or employees to stay organized by providing them with a custom company planner!

4. Reminders

In addition to your planner, you can also set reminders to alert you when something has a deadline. If you have a smartphone, you can download a reminders app. If you have a computer you can use sites like Asana or Google, or some email accounts come already equipped with reminder tools! Many of these tools are free and readily available to you, all it takes is a little effort on your part to download them!

5. Continuity

Lastly, make sure you follow a pattern every week. As I said back at number 2, every Friday and Monday I take some time to organize my week. Your pattern may just be 10 min. every Monday morning, but sticking to this will help ensure that you're always on track!

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